Japan Day 11…and…it’s raining

ūüė¶ So...no Kyoto for me...when it rains in Tokyo, it rains; you actually need an umbrella...sooo...yes...I had to buy an umbrella. I decided to pick some indoor activities...so I decided to go to the Tokyu Food Show at Shibuya...yup...Shibuya...AGAIN...haha...BUT it was awesome, NO REGRETS...I told my husband I'd move here just for this store...and he... Continue Reading →

Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Fat

Who doesn't love bacon...and the fat of the bacon? I made eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning and came up with the brilliant idea (inspired by my trip to the¬†Burritt Room) to make brussels sprouts in bacon fat. I'll be honest, I lacked a component of the¬†flavor because I'm pretty sure they drenched the... Continue Reading →

Baked Egg in Avocado

I love avocado, egg, and bacon, so I decided to make my version of it. Serving size: 1 Ingredients: 1 avocado, cut in half and pit removed 2 eggs 1 sprig of green onion, chopped Seasoning (use whatever): Salt Pepper Sweet Paprika Garlic powder 2 slices of bacon Directions: Set oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit... Continue Reading →

Basil-Garlic Dressing

Dressings are the best! I really love making dressings and it's more fun ¬†when you look at ingredients in the fridge and think, "what can I make?" So today, basil-garlic dressing. Enjoy! Note: My pictures below show the dressing with the ingredients doubled. I had a lot of basil leaves going bad. The recipe given... Continue Reading →

Apple-Pear Pie

To me, the best part of the pie is the crust...the buttery, flaky, crust. I hope you enjoy the recipe below! I serve this with¬†Mascarpone Whipped Cream¬†and sprinkled with flavored sea salt. Ingredients: Pie crust ¬†(Select the link for my pie crust, use your own, or buy it at the grocery store), have two crusts,... Continue Reading →

3.14 So pie not?

Yeah...my titles a play on words...I woke up this morning and wondered if I should make pie to commemorate the day...annnnddd yes I did. Before I went to work I made¬†pie crust¬†and stuck it in the fridge for later. I figured I had bought apples and pears that I hadn't gotten around to eating so... Continue Reading →

Do you like cupcakes…

...and Vietnamese drinks? Me too. The past few days I want to share what I ate around Seattle. My most favorite cupcake place in Seattle is¬†Yellow Leaf Cupcake. If you love red velvet theirs is super phenomenal because the cake is super moist and the cream cheese frosting isn't too sweet. Though it is my... Continue Reading →

Osaka Day 1, Kyoto Day 2

Sadly, it rained all day. For the first half of the day, it was like Seattle or London rain, no need for an umbrella (unless you aren't a local, or as I heard one Londoner say, "Carrying an umbrella makes you look like a twat."). The second half of the day, it was more like... Continue Reading →

Kyoto Day 1

Today was the first time I've ever taken a bullet train and it was AWESOME! I know...I'm so easily amused...but being able to travel has been so amazing for me...I wish this was my job. I arrived in Kyoto around 13:40 and getting to the hotel this time took much less time. I'm staying at... Continue Reading →

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