Japan Day 11…and…it’s raining

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😦 So…no Kyoto for me…when it rains in Tokyo, it rains; you actually need an umbrella…sooo…yes…I had to buy an umbrella.


I decided to pick some indoor activities…so I decided to go to the Tokyu Food Show at Shibuya…yup…Shibuya…AGAIN…haha…BUT it was awesome, NO REGRETS…I told my husband I’d move here just for this store…and he thought it was ridiculous, but I like food…so… 😉

First things first, for brunch I went to this Indian place…and I’m not an expert, but Indian food in Japan is pretty damn good…when I asked for hot it was actually hot, which is such a pleasant surprise. I ordered a vegetable curry, spicy. And, I didn’t want rice…I just wanted rice, and this restaurant gave you the option for either or both.


Another thing I’d like to note that I think is interesting, on some of the lines they have “Women-Only” cars, that are women only from 7-9:30 AM, which I found really interesting and I wonder what inspired them to do this?

Anyhow, off to Shibuya with me. So what is the Tokyu Food Show…it’s the most magical place on Earth, as far as I’m concerned. This is located in the basement level of Shibuya station and it is one of the biggest food courts/grocery stores I’ve ever been to. The sell fresh fish, meats, local produce, and a variety of bento boxes.

Ooooh this made me wish I was staying in a place where I could cook…



Look at the eyes on those fish…so clear…I wonder if they got them delivered from Tsukiji market?



The fried chicken on the corner for ¥756 looks so delicious


And so many desserts…OMG I was in dessert heaven…


I really love how Japan likes cute things…hahaha this made me laugh so much when I saw it



Ahhhhh sooooooo adorable



There was a fantastic cheese shop, good size liquor department with a range of wine and sake…

To end my night I went to a Japanese language meetup where I learned more in depth information between formal and informal speech…next time I come to Japan I hope I’ll be able to have conversations.


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