Japan Day 10, Just another day in Tokyo

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I didn’t do too much today, I desperately wanted to sleep more and was successful. I crawled out of bed at 12:00 PM…FINALLY…I slept a ton, and it did wonders for my knee. I went to Shibuya and ate a very late lunch around 3:15 PM at Tonkatsu MAISEN Aoyama Honten. And it was sooooooo yummy…I got the katsu curry.

Afterward, met a bunch of people to work on Japanese at a bar in Shibuya…last time I was here in December I tried to avoid Shibuya like the plague, why? Because I don’t like tourists…yes, I understand that I am one, I just don’t like to be surrounded by them, this is why I don’t travel in large groups. I ended up learning a lot about how to conjugate verbs so it very helpful.

Next, I met up with a guy I met during one of the Meetups and he took me to a street that primarily serves munja yaki, just get off at the stop Tsukishima Station and BAM a street full of munja yaki restaurants. I had no idea what it was, but apparently, there are many different kinds. We went to two different restaurants, one where we had a traditional and another, not so traditional. The first set of photos is for traditional and the second set of photos is for non-traditional


We took a walk for a bit, where I took some photos of the area. One of the things I love about Japan are all the rivers that are around the city…it gives Tokyo a city vibe, but also a very calming and relaxed feeling being there. It’s not like New York (which I love dearly) where you just always feel rushed.


I took off for Akihabara, aka Electric City, and I don’t know what the big deal is about this place? Maybe I’m not getting there at the right times, I’ll try again at an earlier time. I decided to try out this place called, Honey Toast Cafe, which isn’t too far from the Akihabara station. And ordered a strawberry honey toast… -_-…ok…I wasn’t sure what to expect…but WOW…yes, it was delicious…I wasn’t sure how to eat it…but just dig in. The giant toast is just serving as a vessel for all the things inside, which is diced up pieces of toast that are caramelized with honey. I just ate the inside, I left the lid and the giant bread bowl.



That’s how I chose to end my night…I need to wake up early tomorrow, because you know…Kyoto.


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