Japan Day 15…I leave tomorrow

Super...sad...and of course I feel like I should have done more with my time. Today was a pretty leisurely day...I decided to get some taiyaki, attend a Meetup, and visit Odaiba. I went to this taiyaki place in Ebisu, Hiiragi, and the line was...it was just crazy...it took me 50 minutes to get through the... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 10, Just another day in Tokyo

I didn't do too much today, I desperately wanted to sleep more and was successful. I crawled out of bed at 12:00 PM...FINALLY...I slept a ton, and it did wonders for my knee. I went to Shibuya and ate a very late lunch around 3:15 PM at Tonkatsu MAISEN Aoyama Honten. And it was sooooooo... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 6 – Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture

Tips: One thing that always stopped me from visiting Japan was the fear of not being able to read the language, therefore, not being able to get around. Don't worry, if you stay in the main city areas, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, etc everything is in multiple languages, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English.... Continue Reading →

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