Japan Day 15…I leave tomorrow

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Super…sad…and of course I feel like I should have done more with my time. Today was a pretty leisurely day…I decided to get some taiyaki, attend a Meetup, and visit Odaiba. I went to this taiyaki place in Ebisu, Hiiragi, and the line was…it was just crazy…it took me 50 minutes to get through the line and get my taiyaki! This place is very good, it’s essentially a stand.

So the question is…was it worth it? And why the hell did it take so long? It took a long time because people were ordering 50-100 at a time! Traditional taiyaki is made with azuki…I personally, like the taiyaki that is filled with custard versus the azuki…and this place only serves the traditional style. Next time I come I will find a place that serves many different flavors. Was this place good? It was VERY good…

Then off to Shibuya for a MeetUp which was fun! I met a ton of very friendly people and saw some people who I’d seen before in December. One of them knew I was coming and she so sweetly brought me these Japanese mochi candies! She’s so kind! I feel bad that I didn’t get a hold of her before I had to leave. I mentally made a note to contact her next time I’m in town so we can hang out.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I did end up trying a kaiten sushi (conveyor belt) place…it was pretty inexpensive, but next time I’m going to try a fancy sushi place 😉

Before I left for Odaiba I wanted to take some time out to catch up on my blogging so I found a cafe where I ordered a dessert set, slice of mixed fruit roll and earl grey.


I took the 45-minute train ride from Shibuya to Odaiba…since I actually brought a real camera this time I thought I’d try to get the pictures of Rainbow bridge. I don’t know if they change the colors out ever…but it seemed different than it did in December. Odaiba in general is a park and has plenty of pretty illuminations.



I can’t believe my time is almost up… 😦 I ❤ you Japan!

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