Japan Day 14…Asakusa and a sea of cherry blossom petals

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I tried to get to Asakusa (pronounced Ah sock sah) before all the tourists arrived…annnnndddd I failed…there were so many people. So what’s in Asakusa? Senso-ji temple and a really nice market place…total tourist trap…but worth it! There are some really fun and cheap food stalls as well.


Senso-ji temple

I decided to not go into the temple, so I went around the right side and there are plenty of other nice things to see, as well as a delightful matcha shop.




I love mochi so I go some green tea mochi for ¥300.




After the stroll through Asakusa market and purchasing some trinkets, I went to a Korean restaurant to grab a bite to eat and found this great restaurant at Shinagawa Seaside station. This place does AWESOME bibimbap! The stone bowl was very hot and very well oiled so the rice didn’t stick and the raw egg cooked up quickly.


After a very satisfying lunch I went to park in Minato where there is just a sea of cherry blossoms on the ground…which was beautiful, but also kind of sad…hanami really doesn’t last long 😦



A beautiful place to sit and write

As I was sitting there writing I got a message from a friend from Boston who also happened to be in Japan so we arranged to meet up for dinner. I took her two of the places I’ve really enjoyed since I’ve been in Japan, the teppanyaki place in Shibuya and we ordered the dinner set.


She wasn’t feeling the sorbet they served so I took her to Janice Wong Dessert bar, I got the Cassis ball and she got the Chocolate CO2



The other thing I’d like to note…I really appreciate the architecture in Tokyo, some of the buildings look like art.



Super sad…just two more days…

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