Japan Day 14…Asakusa and a sea of cherry blossom petals

I tried to get to Asakusa (pronounced Ah sock sah) before all the tourists arrived...annnnndddd I failed...there were so many people. So what's in Asakusa? Senso-ji temple and a really nice market place...total tourist trap...but worth it! There are some really fun and cheap food stalls as well.     I decided to not go into the... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 12, Finally Kyoto

Side note...I hate selfie sticks...I don't hate the people...I just think the sticks themselves make people look really douchey. So...the closer I get to day 16 the sadder I'm feeling. I don't want to leave. There's still so much more I'd like to do, to go, to experience...and I love that there are so many... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 6 – Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture

Tips: One thing that always stopped me from visiting Japan was the fear of not being able to read the language, therefore, not being able to get around. Don't worry, if you stay in the main city areas, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, etc everything is in multiple languages, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English.... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 2

Today I woke up fairly early and did yoga and my leg workout (later this will prove to be a mistake). Today is the day that I would get to see cherry blossoms in the daylight, so off I went to Ueno park. What I wasn't quite expecting were the massive crowds. And I really... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 1

This day is sort of a wash because of the time that I land and the time it takes me to get through customs, grab my JR Pass, and my pocket wifi. If you're traveling to Japan and it isn't too much of a price difference fly into Haneda. That airport is way less crazy.... Continue Reading →

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