Japan Day 16…じゃあまたね

Yesterday I met a really nice girl at the Meetup, Yumiko, and she asked if we could hang out so we agreed to meet at Shibuya and go to a burger place...yup...I decided to give burgers in Japan another try.     We went to place called J.S. Burger, and it was actually pretty good!... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 15…I leave tomorrow

Super...sad...and of course I feel like I should have done more with my time. Today was a pretty leisurely day...I decided to get some taiyaki, attend a Meetup, and visit Odaiba. I went to this taiyaki place in Ebisu, Hiiragi, and the line was...it was just crazy...it took me 50 minutes to get through the... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 12, Finally Kyoto

Side note...I hate selfie sticks...I don't hate the people...I just think the sticks themselves make people look really douchey. So...the closer I get to day 16 the sadder I'm feeling. I don't want to leave. There's still so much more I'd like to do, to go, to experience...and I love that there are so many... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 8, Sapporo in the light 

TIP The buses take Suica and Passmo (I know the trains do, but since my time in Hiroshima I'm just not sure I think the best time to visit Hokkaido is May, it is so cold up there even in April that nothing has bloomed yet I was reading through my Day 6 and realized... Continue Reading →

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