Japan Day 1

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This day is sort of a wash because of the time that I land and the time it takes me to get through customs, grab my JR Pass, and my pocket wifi.

If you’re traveling to Japan and it isn’t too much of a price difference fly into Haneda. That airport is way less crazy. It took me almost 2 hours after landing to complete all my tasks. And the Narita airport is farther away from downtown Tokyo by almost double the time via train and I’m a cheap traveler so I will never take a taxi if I can help it. The JR Pass also covers the cost of the train ride into Tokyo.

I’m currently on the train from the airport to my stop, Bakurocho Station (oh, how I’ve missed you heated train seats). Today, I’m taking it easy. And if you get here and you’re like, “I have no idea where I’m going…” at least from Narita, it isn’t super straight forward, at least it wasn’t for me. I was told that there would be a train leaving a 4:57PM, the Narita Express, so I followed the signs and hopped on a train…I wasn’t sure if it was the right one so I’ve been checking google maps and verifying the stops. Once the stop seems off, I’ll get off and go from there 😀 I know…I live so dangerously.

Fast forward to night time 😉

I successfully got to my hotel and I’m pleased that my room is much larger than I could hope for so I can do yoga and workout in here.  I am staying at AI Hotel Nihonbashi. The room is comfortable and clean, which is all I really need.

After unpacking I took off to Chidorigafuchi, Chiyoda for some night time cherry blossom viewing.

I can even begin to express the joy and wonderment I felt as I walked along the rows of cherry blossom trees…one of my bucket list items has been checked off my list…so happy! (More pictures can be found on my Instagram)










So beautiful! I’m most excited to see cherry blossoms in different regions.

Afterward, I walked to a curry place, Bondy Curry and sampled their chicken curry with spice-level hot wth a side of steamed potatoes. The curry itself was really delicious, I am going to strive and make my curry more this flavor profile when I get home. I forgot with Japanese meats they include everything, including fat and skin (which I don’t generally include in my chicken) so I did pick around that, though the chicken was very good and moist.


I took a stroll to my favorite convenience store, Family Mart, and bought a few items, pudding for dessert, milk tea for tomorrow, curry bread for breakfast tomorrow, and melon bread for a snack tomorrow afternoon. As I mentioned, I’m cheap so this total came to 625¥ (~$6.25)


Off to bed…I barely slept Thursday night. ❤

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