London Day…it’s early on

So...I made the decision to travel to London for New Year's Eve...and totally no regrets! This is my...ummm...fourth trip to London and I'm really happy that I came. If you've read my earlier travel posts, you'll see that I really dislike tours, or going to places that have too many people...but I decided there were... Continue Reading →

San Francisco, it’s all about the restaurants

Ahhh...San Francisco one of my favorite cities to visit! I'm lucky enough to live close enough that it is cheap and easy to fly there. I went to San Francisco on May 11, yes, just 3 days after I returned from Europe, so that was a bit exhausting, I flew in around 4:50... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 16…じゃあまたね

Yesterday I met a really nice girl at the Meetup, Yumiko, and she asked if we could hang out so we agreed to meet at Shibuya and go to a burger place...yup...I decided to give burgers in Japan another try.     We went to place called J.S. Burger, and it was actually pretty good!... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 12, Finally Kyoto

Side note...I hate selfie sticks...I don't hate the people...I just think the sticks themselves make people look really douchey. So...the closer I get to day 16 the sadder I'm feeling. I don't want to leave. There's still so much more I'd like to do, to go, to experience...and I love that there are so many... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 6 – Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture

Tips: One thing that always stopped me from visiting Japan was the fear of not being able to read the language, therefore, not being able to get around. Don't worry, if you stay in the main city areas, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, etc everything is in multiple languages, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English.... Continue Reading →

Japan Day 1

This day is sort of a wash because of the time that I land and the time it takes me to get through customs, grab my JR Pass, and my pocket wifi. If you're traveling to Japan and it isn't too much of a price difference fly into Haneda. That airport is way less crazy.... Continue Reading →

Japanese Curry

I love curries and Japanese curry is my favorite! Though I live in Seattle, which has a high Asian population, I haven't found a place yet that serves great Japanese curry, so why not make it yourself? The best thing about making your own food is you can make it to your own taste and... Continue Reading →

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