San Francisco, it’s all about the restaurants

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Ahhh…San Francisco one of my favorite cities to visit! I’m lucky enough to live close enough that it is cheap and easy to fly there.

I went to San Francisco on May 11, yes, just 3 days after I returned from Europe, so that was a bit exhausting, but…you know…work.

I flew in around 4:50 PM and took the BART to Powell Station where I got off and met my friend, Dan. I was staying the Intercontinental at Mark Hopkins and the only way to get up that hill from Powell Station was to either walk or pay $8 for the trolley…yeah…I’m not paying for the trolley. Yes, work would cover the cost, but I didn’t have cash AND it’s such a tourist thing that there was a huge line of people. So we trudged up the incredibly (in my opinion) gigantic hill.

Checked in, changed clothes, then we hung out in the bar at the “Top of the Mark” where I got this gorgeous shot of the San Francisco skyline (made me wish I brought my camera, better quality than my phone).


After enjoying some libations, which were fantastic, so go there if you want awesome, albeit expensive drinks.

We walked down the hill to meet a friend, Janelle, for dinner at a sushi restaurant, Sanraku, and it was super phenomenal!


Unfortunately, it’s been too long so I can’t recall what I ordered because it isn’t on their standard menu, it was on a blackboard.

I will say for dessert I ordered the mochi with their housemade green tea ice cream and that is a definite must!


Afterward, we went our separate ways until the next day…I didn’t have my meeting until 12 so I walked down to Mymy Coffee Shop and it was sooooooo amazing! I ordered the chorizo jalapeno tartine. I don’t understand how they got the egg so fluffy, light, and huge! It was awesome…to be honest, I really want to go there now…

After my meeting, I had some time to kill before my flight so I grabbed some dinner at Zuni Cafe I feel like I would have enjoyed my time there more, except for the fact that the service and individual who served me was rude. Would I go again? Was the food good enough? Not really. A bit overpriced, and I don’t have a problem paying for food that is amazing and overpriced, but this was, ok and overpriced. To be fair, the server didn’t help make it better.


Then I went to Boba Guys in Union to meet up with my friend, Alaina, and chat before I left. I rave about Boba Guys in a prior post, so feel free to read that in San Francisco Day 3.

That’s all I have to report on from San Francisco as it was a work reason so I was only there for work, some parting words, I’ve spoken about my trips to San Francisco, how to get around, etc and they can be found here:

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