San Francisco Day 3

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So I played Goldilocks last night…the bed was too soft and provided little support for my injured back, the floor was WAY TOO hard, so I ended up sleeping on the couch and it was perfect. This is nothing against the bed, just for the way my back is right now it wasn’t the best situation.

Let’s start the day off, shall we? I feel like all I do is post pictures of food…which is true…but I swear I didn’t just walk around looking for the NEXT place to eat!
One of the most charming things (to me) about San Francisco is how the residential houses blend so nicely with the commercial stores and restaurants. I find that so lovely…I admit if I did live in California one of the areas in San Francisco is where I’d reside.

So let’s talk food, since that’s all I’ve taken pictures of…brunch was at Tacolicious I ordered a horchata and 5 tacos. The tacos from left to right: baja-style pacific cod (cabbage, cumin crema), housemade chorizo with potatoes, shrimp a la plancha with avocado crema and cabbage, nopales and oaxaca cheese, and guajillo-braised beef brisket. If I had to make the call again I’d do the beef brisket and try one of the chickens. Here’s something fun to think of when eating these, take the bottom tortilla off and put half the stuffing from the taco on it. That’s what I did so that it was a bit more manageable to eat.

The Tacolicious I went to was on Valencia street and this is a great street just to walk down and check out the fun shops. A place that looked pretty good was Mission Cheese and next time I’m in the area I’ll stop there…I really love charcuterie boards. If I couldn’t eat cheese I’d probably die.

Also, stop in at Dandelion Chocolate, it can be a delicious and educational visit. The owner really does travel to all these locations to try the chocolate and you can watch them make the chocolate in the back as they have a window showing their production of the chocolate. They also have a walk around tasting where you can read about the chocolates, where they came from, and you can talk to the people who work there to ask questions or just glean more information. I did the chef’s tasting, the “what the hell are these?” is right below the items in the picture.

Next stop, Haight Ashbury. This is a super fun place! I sort of compare it to Broadway in Seattle, but cooler. I walked into the following shops:

  • Woot Bear – I ended up buying a Pusheen blind box. A blind box is where you just pick a box and you don’t know what it is so you get a fun surprise. I don’t normally waste my money that way, but Pusheen is cute and it was only $10…don’t judge me.
  • Sock shop – Cute store, but I’m not into socks enough to spend that kind of money on them…but IF I was, I totally would.
  • Decades of Fashion – Really cool Victorian, Edwardian, 20’s, 30’s, etc clothes. I love vintage style clothing, but am too embarrassed to ever pull off that look myself. The most I’d be willing to wear would be jewelry…maybe someday I’ll just be like, “this is me now”
  • Loved to Death – Interesting pieces in here with a mix of taxidermy jewelry and accessories and home decor…not really my thing, but it’s cool to look at the stuff in there.

So at this point, I’m pretty bored…I’m not much of a shopper…so I can only go down these kinds of streets for so long. So off to another place…my hip is feeling pretty good so walked down to Panhandle (park attached to the Golden Gate Park) and walked towards Boba Guys  off of Hayes. The walk was very pleasant, going from Haight Ashbury down Hayes towards Octavia street you’ll see the Painted Ladies next to Alamo Square.

I’m not a bubble tea aficionado or anything, but I love the stuff. In Seattle, my favorite place is Sharetea in the U-district. Boba Guys is better! Real tea, control over how sweet, homemade jellies, yes, please. And class A balls (tapioca balls), seriously, it was pretty amazing. I got the rose milk tea (on the left). The picture on the right is a tea they are known for, Strawberry matcha milk tea and it’s so pretty! I will try that next time.

Sadly, that’s all I had time for…the last picture is from the Airbnb I was staying at. I really do love San Francisco, I’ll come back soon and try some new restaurants and go to different parks.


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