San Francisco, it’s all about the restaurants

Ahhh...San Francisco one of my favorite cities to visit! I'm lucky enough to live close enough that it is cheap and easy to fly there. I went to San Francisco on May 11, yes, just 3 days after I returned from Europe, so that was a bit exhausting, I flew in around 4:50... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Day 3

So I played Goldilocks last night...the bed was too soft and provided little support for my injured back, the floor was WAY TOO hard, so I ended up sleeping on the couch and it was perfect. This is nothing against the bed, just for the way my back is right now it wasn't the best... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Day 2

I didn't mention this in my day 1 post, but last week I ended up spraining a muscle in my lower back. This, of course, has been pretty debilitating to walking and you know,'s amazing (and I know this is going to sound stupid) how much your spine can hinder your movement. It started... Continue Reading →

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