And I’m back…San Francisco Day 1

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I’m awful. I need to be more dedicated to writing in this blog…don’t worry, I have plenty of backlog entries! I never finished Japan…so I’ll be honest, I probably won’t, BUT…I AM going back in a month and I will be much more diligent with writing on my adventures then.

So let’s talk about San Francisco day 1…

I love San Francisco. Of all the cities in the US, San Francisco is my second favorite place to eat (NYC being the top). I’m not going to count in the day I flew in because it was Wednesday night, so let’s start with what happened Thursday. I had to work until about 12:30 so my day did start off a little late. No regrets on where I went though! I went to this amazing place called Griddle Fresh (address: 4007 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114) in Noe Valley and it was sooooo yummy! I ordered 6hrs Corned Beef Hash (big chunk juicy corned beef brisket, bell pepper, red potatoes, onion, wasabi dill, two eggs poached, with sourdough toast) and wow…as I was eating that I began to wonder how difficult it would be for me to make corned beef hash.


Then today was a day of walking. I’m staying at a lovely Airbnb in Noe Valley on Diamond Street. Walked down to 24th walked towards Griddle Fresh and had the lovely breakfast (as mentioned above). A few lovely places I passed that I want to try:

Then went to Bernie’s Coffee (address: 3966 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114) and had a lovely Cherry Mocha which was quite delicious.

Then took an Uber to Castro Muni and took the Muni to Market St as I had reservations at Hakkasan for 6. We ordered:

  • Hakka steamed dim sum platter
    scallop shumai, har gau, Chinese chive dumpling and black pepper duck dumpling
  • Crispy duck roll
  • Braised free-range chicken
    with ginger, spring onion and angelica root
  • Hakka noodle with mushrooms and Chinese chive

Then more walking down to Hayes and a quick little stop into Smitten where I ordered a cookie dough ice cream that has chocolate chips and pretzels topped with brown sugar caramel. We sat around Patricia’s Green (a park) and looked at the fun architecture.


Then we went down to Embarcadero and I got to see the awesome lit up Oakland bridge and this really cool statue art…I’m not sure what to call it, but it see the image below.

All in all, super fun day! I really do enjoy San Francisco…especially the nice weather.


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