Cafe Selam 

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One of my favorite kinds of food is Ethiopian food and while I’ve been in Seattle I haven’t tried an Ethiopian place and when a friend suggested we should go…well, I found a place that had awesome ratings, Cafe Selam.

There was going to be five of us and the cafe is very small so I made reservations. The food was amazing…the last time I had Ethiopian was when I was in New York in October (and that place was awesome).

We ordered the meat and veggie combo (which they combined on the same injera). Maybe you’re looking at this and thinking, “wow…that looks amazing…uh, how do I eat it?” Check it out here: How to eat Ethiopian

This plate is good for 2 people, and honestly, it is even more than two.

Vibe: It’s a small cafe, the music was a bit loud for my liking, so if you can and the weather is nice, sit outside.
Cleanliness: Seattle now requires restaurants to post their safety ratings on the outside of the restaurant and this restaurant was rated at excellent. The bathroom was also nice…hehe
Service: The service was slow as this is a family run restaurant and there was only one person who was acting as the waitress and the cashier.
Flavor: Honestly, if I could do it again, I’d just get the veggie. At first, I thought, “The veggie was too much lentil”, but the lentil was all cooked so differently that it didn’t feel like I was eating the same thing three times.
Is it worth it:  Yes! I can’t wait to go back.

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