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It’s been too long since I’ve blogged, there’s a ton of things that I’d like to touch on, but let’s start with someone easy…like a restaurant review.

There is a new restaurant called Bar Harbor Bar that opened up in South Lake Union (“SLU”) and their specialty is New England style food so if you’re from the east coast and have been craving an authentic New England lobster roll then this is the place for you!

The menu for this restaurant is small, but it looks delicious, I ordered the lobster roll with a side of corn chowder (upcharge of $4). If you don’t order soup as a replacement then your roll will come with coleslaw (which is quite delicious and more vinegar than what you’d expect in standard coleslaw dressing) and a bag of Cape Cod chips. If you’re from Washington state the local chips here are Tim’s Cascades, the difference between the two is Cape Cod is cut thinner, but still, has that solid crunch to it.

Prices for lobster rolls is not for the faint of heart, if you’ve never had it, it came to $25, and this is based upon last Saturday, prices are subject to change based upon market value. You have the option to get the lobster roll in one of 3 styles, butter, mayo, or mayo with chive and celery. I chose the classic mayo (Maine) style…in terms of meat being used (at least in my roll) it was primarily claw meat so it was delicious and tender. The roll itself was perfectly buttered and toasted and the chowder, true to New England style, was thin yet flavourful.

Vibe: It’s a bar feel, there’s HDTVs playing sports, plenty of alcohol and of course, bar seating. It’s an interesting layout for the restaurant because when you walk through the front door you’ll see that the restaurant is attached to a long hallway giving it a mall-like appearance where there are other restaurants along the hall as well as a market and outdoor seating
Cleanliness: It’s a seat yourself situation and the table we took was clean. Each table has cups and a bottle of water so you can serve yourself
Service:  To be fair, we were there around 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday so I can’t speak for what a lunch rush would look like during normal hours, but service was quick and efficient (my favorite kind)
Flavor: Like I said, I ordered the mayo only, but it could have used a bit more mayo and some additional texture, so I’m going to go with the New England style (celery and chive) next time.
Is it worth it:  Yes! Obviously, not a place I’d go to often because of the price, but if you’re looking for an awesome lobster roll this place should be on your list!

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