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So…I made the decision to travel to London for New Year’s Eve…and totally no regrets! This is my…ummm…fourth trip to London and I’m really happy that I came.

If you’ve read my earlier travel posts, you’ll see that I really dislike tours, or going to places that have too many people…but I decided there were a couple of toursity things I wanted to do, like visit the Stonehenges…but let’s back…I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been here for a few days so I want to share with you my adventures thus far.

I arrived early in the morning so I dropped my bags off at my hotel (I’m staying at Hotel Indigo off of Paddington Station), then I walked over to a restaurant called, “The Grazing Goat” where I ordered sauteed new potatoes and chorizo. This dish came with two poached duck eggs and caramelized onions.



It was soooooooooo delicious! If you’re American, some things to take into consideration…this is a normal portion. Typically at US restaurants when you get brunch it tends to be two times more than what you should eat, so keep that in mind. Overall, very delicious and a great price. So far, I’ve spent around £10 per meal.

I admit, I didn’t do much my first day there because I was so exhausted…true to form, I couldn’t sleep on my flight over. I spent my time walking around Kensington, Knightbridge, Paddington, Picadilly, and made my way over to Floris London.


Floris is one of the oldest perfumeries and has been around since 1730…I’ve been dying to go there and try their scents. So in the spirit of buying myself a Christmas gift…I bought a bottle of one their perfumes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 3.23.33 AM

I ended at Trafalgar square…and there were street performers out and they were quite incredible…like…what kind of crazy magic is this????


I went back to my hotel room around 5 and took a nap…woke up insanely late…around 9…then walked my way over to Chinatown where I stopped at Tokyo Diner.



I found this place two years ago and loved it, and they are open super late. I stopped in and ordered a delicious chicken katsu curry.


Then…following the same path I took when I came last time…I walked over to my favorite milk tea place in London, Bjiu…then walked back home and tried to rest up.

You know…reading about my adventures on the first day…and the amount of walking I did…I feel less like a slacker 🙂 I’ll post more later.

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