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I’ve struggled blogging as I wish to do nothing more than sleep when I return to my hotel…right now, I blog because I’m on a train to Oxford. Before I get into why I’m going to Oxford, I want to share what I did on Wednesday.

I’ve been waking up pretty early every day, so Wednesday was no different. I started off my day with a brunch from Mimo’s Cafe, which is next to my hotel and ordered a Spanish omelet with toast. It was good, filling, and cheap…my kind of meal 🙂

I then walked my way over to Westminster with hopes to go to the Churchill War Rooms…but then I saw this…laughed…and said no.

The insane line for the Churchill War Rooms. I found out that this line would be at least 1-2 hours

Walked past St. James Park…


To the National Gallery. If you didn’t know, most of the museums in London cost nothing…so I had aspirations to visit and see as much as I can. In hindsight…not the best idea. I am pretty museumed out. So the National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square and has the a collection of the most valuable and comprehensive paintings in the world! I had a great time walking around and looking at the paintings.

Front of the National Gallery
It’s hard to see…but I DO NOT understand how they got these colors SO vivid!



Again…insanely vivid colors…I wish my camera was better
mmm…kay…so the details on this dress…on the rugs…I wonder how long it took?
Painting of the National Gallery in 1823

I’m pretty famished at this point, but I have further aspirations to visit the British Museum…but…when I got there…that line was worse than the one at the War Room…so…yeah no…

So off I went to find myself some lunch and stumbled upon a Korean restaurant called, Bibimbap…where, you guessed it…they primarily sell Bibimbap…shocking, I know.


I had a pretty rough night the night before as I got little sleep so I decided to return to the hotel and take a nap. My nap, of course, took me until 9…and I struggled to find something close enough so I wouldn’t have to go far, something that was good and still open. So I walked over to an Indian restaurant called, Noorjahan. I ordered paneer makhani, but…it was a bit sweeter than I would have preferred — I prefer my curry to be spicy. Interestingly, they did not serve rice with the curry, so I ordered paratha bread, which was phenomenal. In the US, most Indian restaurants serve rice with the curry by default…I prefer it that I have the option to order bread or rice.

That’s all for Wednesday…but don’t worry…my Thursday was crazy busy as I took a trip to Canterbury, so look forward to that!

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 9.24.12 AM
My walking path for Wednesday

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