Off to Japan!

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わたし は きょう 日本 へ いきます!

I’m super excited to be going back to Japan and even more excited to share my time there with you all! You can tell because I smashed the Japan guide for my JR Pass against my face.

I consider this Day 0 and absolute must-haves before you get to Japan:

  1. This is super important, before you even leave, at least two weeks prior to your trip, purchase your JR Pass. You cannot get this when you’re there. This is one of the most amazing and invaluable things you can purchase. It is a rail pass that allows you to ride the JR lines in Japan as well as not having to pay extra for an assigned bullet train (called Shinkansen) that takes you all over.
  2. Along with the purchase of your JR Pass get a pocket wifi…those things are fantastic if you don’t have an international plan on your phone.
  3. Have Yen (¥). As technologically savvy as Japan is they are surprisingly very cash heavy.

And when you get to the airport:

  1. Pick up the JR Pass and pocket wifi and buy a commuter card to use. So much easier than fiddling around and trying to make sure you have the right amount of money on you. 

I’ll post more later!

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