Garlicky Cauliflower Mash

Since I've been on the keto diet this is one of my go-to sides that I make regularly when I'm just not sure what to make as a side with my protein. If you love garlic mashed potatoes, you'll love this! Makes 8 servings. Nutrition for 1 serving: Calories: 76 Fat: 4.9 grams Protein: 3.1... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower “Mac n Cheese”

Sometimes you just need something "naughty" and this recipe helps fulfill your desire for creamy, cheesy mac and cheese. This was sooooo delicious! I love it and this will definitely become a regular, well...semi-regular side in my house. Modified from KetoConnect Cauliflower Mac n Cheese     Ingredients 1 large head of cauliflower, chopped into smaller... Continue Reading →

Cream Corn

Have you ever had this amazing stuff? This has got to be one of the most comforting and simplest dishes known to man! So let's dive into homemade creamed corn! Oh...and sorry friends, I forgot to take pictures. If you are wondering, what do I eat this with? Whatever your heart desires. I used it... Continue Reading →

Easy Mayo-Based Potato Salad

Welcome to Non-dessert recipe Tuesday. Today I'm going to share a potato salad recipe.I LOVE potato salad! And it is super easy to make on your own. This is one of those items that I don't like to buy in the store because the flavor isn't quite what I want. I LOVE potato salad! And... Continue Reading →

Korma with Cauliflower Rice

I am really into curries...and why shouldn't I be? They are so easy and quick to make. Tonight I wanted to make something yummy with tofu, so I made this baked tofu and tossed that into korma curry. Note: It holds together really well the next day, but if it's too thick (because you didn't... Continue Reading →

Baked Tofu

I really loved tofu, especially baked tofu. If you've never had tofu or think that it is bland, wait until you try this! Baked tofu has an awesome texture and...yeah, I'm saying this...mouthfeel. It is very versatile, put it in curries, salads, stir fry, sandwiches, tacos, make them into tofu fries, etc. Hope you enjoy this recipe.... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Have you ever had tofu pudding? My first experience with is was when I was in Japan and I loved it, and I'm happy to say it is super easy to make. Ingredients: 14 ounces of soft tofu 1/4 cup of cocoa powder OR cacao powder 1/4 cup of honey OR agave syrup 1 1/2... Continue Reading →

3.14 So pie not? titles a play on words...I woke up this morning and wondered if I should make pie to commemorate the day...annnnddd yes I did. Before I went to work I made pie crust and stuck it in the fridge for later. I figured I had bought apples and pears that I hadn't gotten around to eating so... Continue Reading →

Veggie Thai Red Curry

Honestly, I'm not super great at measuring sometimes, I'm very much a "to taste" person. I put this dish over quinoa versus rice, but feel free to do whatever you want. For quinoa, I just follow the directions and cook it in chicken broth instead of water. Ingredients: Oil (I used avocado oil, but use... Continue Reading →

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