Cheese Chips

So...if you're on the ketogenic diet or a low carb high-fat diet and you are cravings chips, give these a try. They are wonderful! It's also know...don't eat like 50 of them...though I guess you shouldn't eat 50 chips in one sitting either. Cheese Chips     Ingredients Shredded cheese, like mozzarella or parmesan... Continue Reading →

Kale Chips

Hands of my favorite snacks. The problem that I have is they don't hold well after a day...I don't know if there's a secret to it, but if there is I'd love for someone to share it with me. I also want to say that I love Trader Joe's. Why? Because they have a... Continue Reading →

Easy Mayo-Based Potato Salad

Welcome to Non-dessert recipe Tuesday. Today I'm going to share a potato salad recipe.I LOVE potato salad! And it is super easy to make on your own. This is one of those items that I don't like to buy in the store because the flavor isn't quite what I want. I LOVE potato salad! And... Continue Reading →

Garlicky, buttery, cheesy bread

Trust me when I say, it's amazeballs. I made this last month with some tomato bisque (I'll post a recipe for this later) and thought this would make an awesome accompaniment. And I haven't posted enough recipes for you to figure this out about me, but I freaking love garlic...and cheese...and, this just works.... Continue Reading →

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