Day 1

Today wasn't horrible. I followed my plan and now I'm thinking about tomorrow. To make it simpler, I decided I am going to post end of day, on the actual day as it will make more sense 😛 Though I will say, I do my meal prep the day before AND I already know what my... Continue Reading →

Gangnam BBQ

Father's Day dinner was Korean BBQ. The best thing about going with my family is that mom usually orders everything and it's just a neverending supply of meat to grill. If you've never had Korean BBQ, the thing I liked best about this place is the number of banchan (반찬) they serve. Key Tips: This... Continue Reading →

Challenge of many

So, I don't really discuss struggles that I have with losing weight or being healthy, but why shouldn't I? I'm a strong believer in going through my struggles in life in silence and grace (like a good Asian girl), but I think it's also valuable to share my struggles and challenges with losing weight...that being... Continue Reading →

Cuban Lechon Asado (Instant Pot)

Always make friends with your butcher. Today started with me wanting to make a Mexican style pulled brisket, but...there was no adobo at my local grocery store 😦 So I got to talking to the butcher and he suggested this recipe. So I can't really take credit for this, so if you ever see Brad... Continue Reading →

Nutella stuffed cookies

Woohoo, first time I've ever made a stuffed I'm thinking of all the other things I can stuff a cookie with...and I hope to post some of those recipes sometime as well, but for now, enjoy these cookies, and you won't even need a mixer. I've been searching for the perfect, flaky salt and... Continue Reading →

Cafe Selam 

One of my favorite kinds of food is Ethiopian food and while I've been in Seattle I haven't tried an Ethiopian place and when a friend suggested we should go...well, I found a place that had awesome ratings, Cafe Selam. There was going to be five of us and the cafe is very small so... Continue Reading →

Bar Harbor Bar

It's been too long since I've blogged, there's a ton of things that I'd like to touch on, but let's start with someone a restaurant review. There is a new restaurant called Bar Harbor Bar that opened up in South Lake Union ("SLU") and their specialty is New England style food so if you're from the... Continue Reading →

Basic Mayonnaise

I love this recipe because, like all basic recipes, you can make it your own. When I make this normally I also add a ton of garlic a lemon juice. You will need either a blender, preferably a food processor. When you see how easy this is, you'll wonder why you ever bought mayo. Basic Mayonnaise... Continue Reading →

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