Day 11 of IVF Stimulation

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Well, I was finally given the go-ahead to use the trigger shot. I will not be triggering with HCG though. Instead, they are having me trigger with Lupron. I have a lot of eggs and according to them HCG night spark OHSS and Lupron in the better option. The good news for that is the Lupron injection will be just like the Gonal-F and Menopur through subcutaneous fat versus on my back hip like the HCG shot would have been. So much smaller needle.

My number today was good! Lots of follicles that are ready, they counted 14 and my estrogen level is 3,464 so I’m definitely ready! So glad. No more shots.

Since I’m doing Lupron I do not need to take a pregnancy test, but I do need to go into the office and have my blood drawn, yet again. More tomorrow!

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