Day 10 of IVF Stimulation

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I feel super bloated, my breasts are tender, so I just assume this will be one of the joys of being pregnant. I’m looking at my IVF experience as just prepping me for that. I had an ultrasound and bloodwork, again…More follicles, and higher estrogen.

I didn’t ask how many follicles, but I heard them counting and reading out the numbers and I’m really close. They ranged today from 11-19 (I assume the smaller ones are newly developed ones). My estrogen is at 2,579 now, which concerns me because it more than doubled last time, but they assured me there’s nothing to worry about and one my friends told me, “Well, they’re doctor’s, I don’t think your google searches count as much”

What does she know 😉 I have another appointment tomorrow, and if I’m lucky I’ll get the HCG trigger tomorrow night and my surgery will be scheduled for Wednesday. I have my fingers crossed that they get lots of good eggs and more than one will be successfully fertilized 😀

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