Day 7 of IVF Stimulation

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Good news, my little follicles are growing and responding well to the medication! I have a few follicles that are at 17mm, and others that have continued to grow. They are estimating that my follicles are growing about 2mm a day, so I should be ready for egg retrieval very soon, maybe Monday!

On my day 6 of stimulation, I added in cetrotide into my drug mix in the mornings (to prevent ovulation), so that’s great. This drug burns for a good 15 minutes after injection. But you know what? I can’t complain because I feel pretty good overall. I feel a little tired and pretty bloated, but aside from that it’s great.

My ultrasound showed 21 follicles and they believe 14 of them will mature for egg retrieval.

My estrogen level is now a whopping 2,241. Overall, I’m just trying to stay positive and stress free!

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