Day 5 of IVF Stimulation

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I started the IVF shots on Friday (November 23), yup the day after Thanksgiving, so that’s fun. I am prescribed to take 300 IU of Gonal-F and 150 IU of Menopur every night until I’m told otherwise.

The fun part of this is that the Menopur comes in a package of 75 IU this means I get to get stabbed three times instead of just twice.

So this is day 5…how is it? Everyone is different so your reaction to these drugs may not be the same as mine, the needles of course pinch, but the Menopur when it is injected burns, the Gonal-F is my favorite (as much as a medication being shot into your subcutaneous fat can be your favorite) because there is no burning, just the pinch of the needle. I’ve read other people’s journey during IVF and I’ve seen that women have varying experiences and emotional ups and downs, I’m happy to say that I am pretty even, not emotional, just my normal self. The only physical problems I’ve been experiencing is bloating and some abdominal discomfort.

Sleeping has been a bit difficult since day two, but again, primarily because of bloating and discomfort. I figure this is just prepping me for being pregnant. Day 5 is a “big day” because it was my first ultrasound and bloodwork to check the following things:

  • Uterus lining
  • Follicle growth
  • Estrogen levels (blood work)

They test the uterus lining and follicle growth they perform a transvaginal ultrasound. Fun fact, don’t have an overly full bladder. With the first swipe of the wand, they were able to easily find my left ovary and counted 10 follicles at 8-11mm. Now, my right ovary? Hidden by my gigantic bladder apparently. So after trying for a few minutes, they asked me to hop off the table, take a wee, and come back.

So…what did I learn? I learned to not drink so much damn water before my ultrasound. My right ovary had 8 follicles at 8-11mm.

My blood draw showed that my Estrogen level was 973. Is that good? I have no idea. My nurse said that I am responding to the drug very well and to keep my drug dosage the same. She asked me to start a third injection (fourth really) with the Cetrotide on Thursday (which will be day 7) in the morning. The Cetrotide is meant to suppress ovulation, so she told me to take this at the same time in the morning.

All in all, my goal is to be positive. My next ultrasound and bloodwork will be on Friday and on that day I will know how many more times I’ll have to come in and I’ll be closer to knowing my egg retrieval date. So fingers crossed! This wasn’t the way I wanted to get pregnant, but I can’t wait to be a mother. ❤

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