The real scoop on being pregnant

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When you’re younger it is natural to make some solid assumptions on what being pregnant means, what it’ll be like, etc…maybe you romanticized it. After all, people have been procreating since the existence of mankind…so logically…it is a natural thing…how bad can it be? We keep doing it, right? Like I said in a previous post, I’ve been really fortunate that I haven’t experienced the

Let me tell you how disgusting being pregnant is. Sharing this does not mean I’m not thrilled about being pregnant or that I’m not excited about the little one growing inside of me…nor does it mean I won’t do this again. I’m sharing this because I find it hilarious how naive I was in the process. Whenever women talk about pregnancy, rarely do you hear the trauma it can bring or the grossness of the process. My experience with women who have had children is, “how amazing it is”, “It’s such a beautiful experience”, “You totally forget all the pain you were in when you see your baby’s face”…

Knowing what I know now…I don’t buy it. Load of crap. (Hold reservations on the last statement since I’ve yet to give birth)

My excitement of impending motherhood led me to install various pregnancy tracking apps. You know the ones, where you get daily or weekly emails telling you what’s happening with that little alien growing inside of you. And let me tell you…that whole process is gross. I’d read things like:

  • “Your baby has a tail”
  • “Your baby has fur”
  • “Your baby is peeing in you”

Obviously, my bullet points are more direct, but that is essentially what they are saying. Some things are exciting:

  • “Your baby can hear”
  • “Your baby can detect light”

Things like that…so it’s a mixed bag of fun. Yes…there are some things that are amazing…here’s a progression of photos:

7 Weeks Pregnant
12 Weeks Pregnant
22 weeks Pregnant (she was being a pain and wouldn’t lay still, this was the best shot we got)

And I admit…I do love going to ultrasounds because it’s really fun watching her do her baby thing. She’s very animated…she’s always moving, turning, standing on her head…totally normal 🙂 I think.

The really disgusting and traumatizing part is the childbirth process. We are currently in an 8-week childbirth class where we get to watch really fun videos of other women giving birth. First off…I have no interest in witnessing my own…so I’m pretty grossed out having to watch random women giving birth. I’ll share more later…I think this is probably it for the post today 😀

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