3ish more weeks

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You know…I’ve been pretty sick of being pregnant for the past 3 weeks…and now I have 3ish weeks left…I can’t wait for this kid to be out of me.

I had planned to work until I went into labor, then decided, screw that…I’m taking two weeks off before my intended due date so now I just about 2 weeks of work left! I’m so excited to take that time off.

I plan to spend my time making meals that I can freeze and maybe stick into my Instapot or do things casserole style.

I’m really fortunate that the company I work for is “Remote-First” so I haven’t been impacted at all (financially) by COVID-19…that being said, it’s kind of a scary time being pregnant. I don’t know if they’ll let my husband in the delivery room with me…I am not sure what will happen if I get sick prior to delivery…I know that the hospital will still take me, but my concern is more, “Will I be able to hold my baby?” It feels unsafe to allow me to do so if I am sick. So many uncertainties…

Well…things I’m grateful for:

  • I am having the easiest pregnancy
  • I can work from home
  • My husband has been really supportive and has been amazing taking care of me
  • Before total lockdown we were able to get our maternity photos done

Hope everyone is staying safe out there!


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