Peanut Butter Chicken

Yeah...I know it sounds weird, but it doesn't make it taste any less delicious. It's Thai style curry...I hope you enjoy this! I will be honest...when it comes to the spices if you choose to follow this recipe, then please adapt the measurements to your taste. Peanut Butter Chicken     Ingredients 2 large chicken breast,... Continue Reading →

Göteborg day 1

As usual...getting to Europe is more harrowing for me than getting to Japan...the round trip ticket was cheap, but I have two layovers which makes me sad.  My two layovers were in Portland and Amsterdam. Normally, I love the layover in Amsterdam because it's very easy and quick to get through customs...but not today! The... Continue Reading →

Veggie Thai Red Curry

Honestly, I'm not super great at measuring sometimes, I'm very much a "to taste" person. I put this dish over quinoa versus rice, but feel free to do whatever you want. For quinoa, I just follow the directions and cook it in chicken broth instead of water. Ingredients: Oil (I used avocado oil, but use... Continue Reading →

Do you like cupcakes…

...and Vietnamese drinks? Me too. The past few days I want to share what I ate around Seattle. My most favorite cupcake place in Seattle is Yellow Leaf Cupcake. If you love red velvet theirs is super phenomenal because the cake is super moist and the cream cheese frosting isn't too sweet. Though it is my... Continue Reading →

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