Göteborg day 1

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As usual…getting to Europe is more harrowing for me than getting to Japan…the round trip ticket was cheap, but I have two layovers which makes me sad. 

My two layovers were in Portland and Amsterdam. Normally, I love the layover in Amsterdam because it’s very easy and quick to get through customs…but not today! The line was crazy long and they were doing this with an “expedited” like based upon when your flight leaves. That was such a nightmare! In the past it’s taken me 10-15 minutes to get through customs and today it took me 45 minutes. I hauled ass to get to my flight…fortunately I made it with 10 minutes to spare.

If you ever come to Gothenburg and wonder what the best way would be to get to the city area, I advise taking Flybussarna, round trip ticket will cost 185SEK (about $20). If you come to Gothenburg often (as I do), download the Flybussarna app where you can get your round trip ticket there and get a digital copy of it. The trip will take about 30 minutes to get to central station.

I got to my Airbnb around 12:45 and checked in easily enough. I feel really lethargic between the time zone changes, my constant running around, and flying…I really need a day of rest.

Gothenburg is pretty cold this time of the year…not as cold as the winter, but colder than what I’ve been used to for the past few months. I managed to trudge myself to a restaurant to grab a bite. Gothenburg is kind of weird…many restaurants aren’t open after lunch time…so it can be difficult to find something you may want. I ended up at a Thai place…which was okay…this isn’t a knock on Gothenburg…but…I mean…it’s Gothenburg and I’m eating Thai food here…

For dinner I had a shrimp sandwich, this is actually a popular sandwich in Sweden and it’s really good! The shrimp here tastes different than it does in Seattle.




Chocolate cheesecake. I couldn’t eat it all, when the Swedish do something with chocolate it’s super rich

Honestly, folks, I think my brain is fried from all the traveling. I’m so exhausted that I’m falling asleep everywhere 😦 Speaking of…it’s time for me to sleep…



    1. Yeah…even though the shrimp is so small it tastes more meaty…is that even a flavor description, meaty? :-p either way that’s how it tastes to me. The texture is different.


  1. I am from Australia, and have just moved to Sweden (near Gothenburg) – the shrimp 100% taste different and more meatier than what we have back home that is similar! Your dishes look delish!

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