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So, I’ve never done a post like this before…and the only reason I’m posting something like this, versus a daily summary of my time in Göteborg is that I stayed holed up in my room every day. It is cold AF. -_-


Let’s give this a shot. I hope that the format is comprehensive and useful. It will just be snapshots of the restaurants.

Breakfast was always at the hotel as they have a wonderful spread for breakfast. Before I get list them out I want to provide a list of restaurants that I would like to have tried or I have been to in the past that I didn’t make it to (all of these link to the restaurants page if you curious to know what they serve):

Let’s go with where I’ve been on this trip…



Service:  I did takeaway here, so I can’t really comment on what the service would be like if I had stayed. When I got there…there were so many people who worked there, no people and it took them a good 2 minutes or so to acknowledge me and help me.
Flavor:  This is a Persian restaurant. It wasn’t bad. I had a little bite of the rice and it was good as was the meat. I ordered a chicken and beef kabob dish. The brown flat pieces of the rice are cooked rice and THAT was amazing.
Cost:  179SEK (~$23)

India Garden


Service: I’ve only eaten there once, other times I’ve been I do takeaway. I found the servers to be lovely and attentive.
Flavor: This is an Indian restaurant. I go to this place because it is quick and tastes similar to American-Indian food (so you know what you’re getting, flavor-wise) and it is close to my office.
Cost:  If you do takeaway in Sweden is common for the price to be lower. I did takeaway and it cost 70SEK (~$9), if I had stayed it would have been 85SEK (~$11)

Beijing 8


Service:  This place is like a fast-food dumpling place. The dumplings aren’t cooked or anything, but you do go up to the register to order and find a table and wait until your name is called. The servers were nice enough.
Flavor:  This is a dumpling restaurant. I ordered a chef’s choice which is a mixture of dumplings. It was a bad idea because it was WAY too much food…the dumplings, for the most part, are solid in flavor And honestly, for the cost it isn’t a big deal.
Cost:  114SEK (~$14)

Espresso House


Service:  Sweden’s Starbucks. The servers were nice. And the vibe overall is super chill. The one I went to has three areas you can sit in that are each designed differently and give a different vibe.
Flavor:  I didn’t go there for coffee, but I’ve been here before and can attest that the coffee, teas, and hot chocolates are delicious. If you have read my coffee posts in the past you know how I feel about Starbucks coffee…this coffee is loads better. Not as good as some of the other places I’ve reviewed…but pretty good for being a chain. I ordered the mudcake and it was soooo delicious 🙂
Cost:  39SEK (~$5)

Tacos & Tequila

Service:  I sat at the bar and I enjoyed it. The bartender was kind and though she was incredibly making drinks nonstop she always inquired if I need anything else.
Flavor:  Don’t laugh…I’ve never had fish tacos. It was explained to me that the way I should order the food is to order a main dish and a side. If you are one of those people who eats half their meal, just get the main dish and not a side. I ordered the fish tacos (which were fantastic) and a side of sweet potato fries. Don’t get me wrong, if you are with friends order all the things.
Cost:  205SEK (~$26)



Service:  I’ve never eaten here, I’ve always done takeaway. Just walk up to the bar and ordered.
Flavor:  Good! They make it spicy if you like and it actually is. I ordered a red curry chicken. It comes with rice, but I’m trying to eat less carbs.
Cost:  108SEK (~$14)

Saluhallen Briggen – Ma Delihouse


Service:  This is one of my favorite places to eat for lunch. It’s basically a cross between a butcher/dairy market and foodcourt. It’s fast, easy, and they have my favorites: Fried herring, fried fish (not sure the kind), and Swedish meatballs. You can, of course, do takeaway.
Flavor:  I ordered Swedish meatballs with roasted potatoes. I prefer the whiter gravy, but the place I went to does the darker one. Very warm, comforting, and filling.
Cost:  95SEK (~$12)

Bord 27

Service:  They don’t have any English menus, but the server was sweet and explained what every single thing on the menu was. He was also nice enough to recommend wine pairings based upon what was ordered.
Flavor:  Now…I don’t normally do a starter, but I did this time and it was sooooo worth it. But…OMG so much food…and so delicious! This is definitely one of the places that I will make sure to come back to next time I’m in Göteborg.
Cost:  There were two of us and we both ordered starter and main I’m going to say ~400SEK (~$50)

Silvis Restaurant


Service: For lunch it’s a serve yourself water and utensils, but there is a server who comes to your table to take your order.
Flavor:  I’ve been here before and it wasn’t bad…but for some reason I found the food very offputting this time around. They cut the chicken the wrong way so it had a SUPER WEIRD texture.

Saluhallen Briggen


Service:  Eat here or takeaway! The people here are very kind.
Flavor:  This is the yummiest gravy! Definitely my favorite place to get Swedish meatballs. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this place…I can say it is next to the Salad bar.
Cost: 95SEK (~$12)

Björns Bar


Service:  Great service here, I enjoyed the atmosphere as well. They don’t take reservations so get there early
Flavor:  It’s a charcuterie place…uh…yeah. You can’t go wrong with this. The selection of meat and cheese was amazing! Another one to add to my “must come back again”
Cost:  Not sure on cost as my co-worker paid on his card.


Service:  The servers were great and lovely.
Flavor:  Make your own guacamole! It was fun! I ordered the short ribs that came with smashed parsnips and pan-fried brussels sprouts. The glaze they put on it was delicious!
Cost: 265SEK (~$34)

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