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So, I don’t really discuss struggles that I have with losing weight or being healthy, but why shouldn’t I? I’m a strong believer in going through my struggles in life in silence and grace (like a good Asian girl), but I think it’s also valuable to share my struggles and challenges with losing weight…that being said, I also understand if you are like, “And I’m not reading this”. That’s understandable, but if you do find inspiration or ideas from what I write, I’ll be really happy knowing that.

I’m sure if you just browse my blog for a moment you’ll see reviews for restaurants, food I make, desserts I make and consume…my weight loss struggle isn’t because I have a thyroid issue or anything like that, it’s simply because I live a sedentary life and I eat too much. Unfortunately, my body type is also one that gains food from just ogling it.

I’ve had horrible ups and downs too like it is definitely not healthy, I’ve gone from losing 50 pounds, to gaining 50 pounds, losing 60 pounds, gaining 40 pounds, you get it. Super yo-yo. And a lot of my issues are psychological; I sabotage myself when I’m succeeding because I don’t like the way people treat me differently. That may sound crazy to people, but it’s a real thing…one of the things I value above all else is intelligence, I’ve never been one that cared about looks or appearances…I know that isn’t how the world works, but I can’t help but hate the way I feel when people are nicer, or guys are more flirtatious because I’ve lost weight, someone asked me once if I had been sexually abused…and no, I haven’t, though I can see why people who have would have this same level of revulsion as I do.

I’m trying to improve my health for many reasons:

  • I want to be healthy,
  • I want to feel better about myself,
  • I want to stop hating shopping so much,
  • I’m working on getting pregnant and want to have a safe pregnancy

Some pros about my body type, I gain muscle very quickly, so doing a weight training regiment for a workout with a few days of HIIT workouts is best for me. The hardest and most important of being healthy is the food I consume. Yes, I’m aware with the Nutella stuffed cookies I just made, that isn’t the best start, but I struggle eating super clean ALL the time, it’s just not possible for me…it is, but not forever and I want to change my eating habits so that it emulates what I want forever to look like.

I’m really into meal planning, and what I’d like to do here as part of my food blogging, travel loving journal is add in a component of healthy living. I’m going to share my daily meal plans, workouts, and once a week share my results of inches lost (or gained), and once a month weight lost (or gained).

The two hardest challenges for me will be ignoring how people treat me and not wanting to make a thousand desserts…I’m limiting my baking to once every two weeks…next time I’m thinking I’ll try to make a custard. For my meal plans I’ll connect them to recipes if I’ve already posted, else I’ll post them the next day. I hope that if you are struggling with weight loss or meal planning that my weight loss entries will be of help or inspiration to you.

Meal Plan for June 18:

 Meal 1  Banana, peanut butter, chia pudding and black tea
 Meal 2  Strawberry protein smoothie
 Meal 3  Korean restaurant (for Father’s day)
 Meal 4  Nothing for Meal 4
 Meal 5  Nothing for Meal 5

Workout Plan for June 18:

I don’t workout on weekends, I’m a Monday-Friday kind of girl.


-3″ total (-0.25=calf, -.05=thigh, -0.5=hips, -0.5=waist, -1=bust, -0.25=neck)


  1. It sounds like we have a similar body type. Losing weight has always been a struggle for me but I the thing that really made the difference was realizing what type of workout I needed. Like you, weights and HIIT work best for me. (P90X changed my life! ) I just couldn’t seem to get anywhere walking or doing cardio. Best of luck on your journey! I’m rooting for you! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yes, this body type is frustrating if you don’t figure out what works best. Especially when people tout cardio as being the way to lose weight. Continued progress to you!


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