Meal and workout for the day

My knee is worse than I thought...I couldn't even do a squat 😦 In sharing of honesty, I want to point out I don't condone how little I've eaten today, it's just that started my day so late with eating...and honestly...I just forgot to eat 😦 Yes, that is bad. Don't do what I did... Continue Reading →

Meal and workout for the day

Monday is upper body day! I used to hate upper body day and love leg day, now it's swapped. Part of that is probably because of my bum knee...I hurt my knee about a year ago and it isn't 100% healed...I do try to be good with it though, so all my leg workouts have... Continue Reading →

Day 1

Today wasn't horrible. I followed my plan and now I'm thinking about tomorrow. To make it simpler, I decided I am going to post end of day, on the actual day as it will make more sense 😛 Though I will say, I do my meal prep the day before AND I already know what my... Continue Reading →

Challenge of many

So, I don't really discuss struggles that I have with losing weight or being healthy, but why shouldn't I? I'm a strong believer in going through my struggles in life in silence and grace (like a good Asian girl), but I think it's also valuable to share my struggles and challenges with losing weight...that being... Continue Reading →

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