Green Stuff

yeah...I couldn't think of a creative enough name...but it goes A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on everything! Ok, so maybe not everything...but here's a list of things that I think it would go awesome on: Chicken Fish Veggies Pasta Salad Beef Ok so maybe everything...I'm done enumerating. All you need are the ingredients listed below and a food processor... Continue Reading →

Pasta Salad

You'll see an ongoing theme with the last two's all about how to use up leftovers and not wasting food. A couple of nights ago we had a salad with baked chicken. Our salad couldn't just have lettuce... no no no, that won't do! It had cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, mushrooms, feta, lettuce...but we... Continue Reading →

Garlic Aioli Dressing

I said I'd do it, right? Every 1-2 weeksish...haha...the Basil-Garlic Dressing went really quick. I love garlic aioli so I hope you love this recipe as much as I do. So what is this good for? It's good for veggies, salads, I used it tonight as an enhancement to meatballs I had with dinner. Ingredients 2-5 cloves of... Continue Reading →

Yea for the Friday’s!

This week was a great week of food and writing, not so much for working out. I am going to get back into my workout regiment starting tomorrow :-/ Went to a place called Tofully, located in International District, and it was quite delicious! I ordered the Bibimbap (rice bowl in hot stone pot with... Continue Reading →

Basil-Garlic Dressing

Dressings are the best! I really love making dressings and it's more fun  when you look at ingredients in the fridge and think, "what can I make?" So today, basil-garlic dressing. Enjoy! Note: My pictures below show the dressing with the ingredients doubled. I had a lot of basil leaves going bad. The recipe given... Continue Reading →

Thai Peanut Salad Dressing

I made something really yummy today, not to brag...but OMG it's good! I decided every 1-2 weeks I'll make my own salad dressing, why not? It's super easy and I can make whatever I want to my flavor profile. So here's my version of a Thai peanut salad, with a lot of variation options for... Continue Reading →

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