Yea for the Friday’s!

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This week was a great week of food and writing, not so much for working out. I am going to get back into my workout regiment starting tomorrow :-/

Went to a place called Tofully, located in International District, and it was quite delicious! I ordered the Bibimbap (rice bowl in hot stone pot with veggies, meat, and egg) with a side of kimchi tofu soup. I prefer the bibimbap from Korean Bamboo in Belltown, but Tofully isn’t bad, their soup is super good!


After dinner, my friend and I went to Fruit Bliss Cafe we split mango pancakes, I got a grass jelly dish, and my friend got chocolate-coffee honey toast.


Yesterday was my last day for my Japanese class so we went on a field trip and went to Tsukushinbo. I ordered chicken katsu donburi, which was amazing! It actually reminded me of the donburi dish I had it in Tokyo in December 😀


For dinner tonight I made basil-garlic dressing and served that over roasted broccoli, sauteed peppers and onions, baked tofu, blistered tomatoes, and wheatberry. It was so yummy! I am really loving the bowls I’ve been making for the past week.


This following week I will definitely make cleaner food and workout 😀

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