Anchorhead Coffee Co

I said I'd be back for the pistachio matcha latte, and I am true to my word. I also decided to try their quaffle. So...what the hell is a quaffle? Yeah, that's how I felt when I bit into it. It has a texture of a croissant because there are some distinct layers, but the... Continue Reading →

Anchorhead Coffee Co

Something you may not know about me...I have detested coffee my whole adult life. Sounds my degree (Computer Science), kids were drinking coffee, sodas, or energy drinks, not me! I refused...well coffee because I didn't like the flavor, soda because I'm not a huge soda drinker, and energy drinks because I'm pretty sure the... Continue Reading →

Gangnam BBQ

Father's Day dinner was Korean BBQ. The best thing about going with my family is that mom usually orders everything and it's just a neverending supply of meat to grill. If you've never had Korean BBQ, the thing I liked best about this place is the number of banchan (반찬) they serve. Key Tips: This... Continue Reading →

Cafe Selam 

One of my favorite kinds of food is Ethiopian food and while I've been in Seattle I haven't tried an Ethiopian place and when a friend suggested we should go...well, I found a place that had awesome ratings, Cafe Selam. There was going to be five of us and the cafe is very small so... Continue Reading →

Bar Harbor Bar

It's been too long since I've blogged, there's a ton of things that I'd like to touch on, but let's start with someone a restaurant review. There is a new restaurant called Bar Harbor Bar that opened up in South Lake Union ("SLU") and their specialty is New England style food so if you're from the... Continue Reading →

Playing catch up

I've been up to a lot and I realized I really want to post all the places I've been eating, visiting, the food I've been making, and things I've been doing...I especially want to show love for my hometown, Seattle, and some great restaurants it has. All I can say for now...thank goodness tomorrow is... Continue Reading →

Chai Tea Concentrate

I'm not really a story teller with my recipes...but I want to share what inspired me to try and make my own chai tea. When I was traveling in Oslo I ordered a chai First of all, I'm a chai fiend...I LOVE so much...and when I was traveling in Oslo I ordered a chai... Continue Reading →

Charcuterie Boards are kind of my jam

Late post, but this weekend I went to this great bar in Fremont called Russell's and they have the most lovely charcuterie boards a cheese and meat...sooo delicious!  My husband came up with the awesome idea of doing a charcuterie board party (with games, of course), so when I get back from my month long travel, Charcuterie... Continue Reading →

Yea for the Friday’s!

This week was a great week of food and writing, not so much for working out. I am going to get back into my workout regiment starting tomorrow :-/ Went to a place called Tofully, located in International District, and it was quite delicious! I ordered the Bibimbap (rice bowl in hot stone pot with... Continue Reading →

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