Charcuterie Boards are kind of my jam

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Late post, but this weekend I went to this great bar in Fremont called Russell’s and they have the most lovely charcuterie boards a cheese and meat…sooo delicious!  My husband came up with the awesome idea of doing a charcuterie board party (with games, of course), so when I get back from my month long travel, Charcuterie board time!

In order of photos: Lemon-ginger fizz, Cheeseboard, Meat board, Brussels sprouts with bacon and cranberries, and a cookie





Did I mention this place was really good? I love cheese…and I had never had those before, from top to bottom on the picture it was a hard French goat cheese (I don’t remember the name for this), Bleu des Causses, and Sage derby, so yummy!

Other than that…not too much happened this weekend, I’m mentally cheering and ramping up for Japan…

There is one more thing, I visited my lovely parents this weekend and spoke to my mom about various recipes…and true to form she explained how to make the following:

  • Radish kimchi (깍두기) – I’ve made this in the past, but I’m happy I got to talk to my mom to learn how she makes it
  • Bulgogi – Since I just made it recently, I’m going to make it the way my mom made it and see which I like the best
  • Red beans and rice – My dad is from Louisiana so I grew up eating cajun and Korean food

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