Espresso Vivace

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Coffee/tea Monday again, so I thought I’d share my trip to Espresso Vivace

Every girl needs a place to drink and write, right? This lovely cafe is located on Yale street, right across from REI.

Note: I am not paid for my reviews. I eat at the restaurants I review and pay for it myself, no one asks me to come in and do so. This is true for all past reviews as well.






Vibe: Love it! Open and large space to sit. It also looks like there is a room you can reserve. I’m jealous of the people who live in the apartment right above this cafe.
Cleanliness: Yes, the tables I saw were clean.
Service: Standard service you’d get from a cafe, they weren’t overly friendly, but they weren’t rude.
Flavor: I ordered the “beautiful Stephanie”, basically, a London fog but with English breakfast tea versus earl grey. And this was soooooo delicious, I would order it again! Next time, I’ll make sure to get there early enough to order a coffee.
Is it worth it: Yes! Free wi-fi, if you’re looking to work, and tons of street parking if you’re driving. This place is also open late, so that’s a positive for me since I write so late.
Cost: $3.00-$5.00 per drink

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