Bulletproof Tea

So...if you're on the ketogenic diet or a low carb high-fat diet and you are not a coffee drinker, but want to try the whole "bulletproof drink", try the tea. This is one of the most filling things you'll ever consume. I made this at 8am and finished drinking it around 8:45...and I wasn't hungry... Continue Reading →

Espresso Vivace

Coffee/tea Monday again, so I thought I'd share my trip to Espresso Vivace Every girl needs a place to drink and write, right? This lovely cafe is located on Yale street, right across from REI. Note: I am not paid for my reviews. I eat at the restaurants I review and pay for it myself, no... Continue Reading →

Chai Tea Concentrate

I'm not really a story teller with my recipes...but I want to share what inspired me to try and make my own chai tea. When I was traveling in Oslo I ordered a chai First of all, I'm a chai fiend...I LOVE chai...so so much...and when I was traveling in Oslo I ordered a chai... Continue Reading →

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