Japan Day 16…じゃあまたね

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Yesterday I met a really nice girl at the Meetup, Yumiko, and she asked if we could hang out so we agreed to meet at Shibuya and go to a burger place…yup…I decided to give burgers in Japan another try.


She’s super sweet!


We went to place called J.S. Burger, and it was actually pretty good! No pictures really…today is the day I leave…but I’d like to summarize my time in Japan. Here’s what I did:

  • I went to Chidorigafuchi park in Tokyo to view cherry blossoms
  • Explored Ueno and Yoyogi park
  • Enjoyed Hiroshima
  • Went to Miyajima Island
  • Visited the first school in Japan in the Tochigi district
  • Went to Ashikaga Flower Park
  • Traveled to Sapporo and stayed at a Ryokan
  • Did a chocolate factory tour
  • Walked around Akihabara
  • Did a culinary expedition where I tried
    • Many different bentos
    • Munjayaki
    • Okonomiyaki
    • Parfaits
    • Molecular gastronomy desserts
    • Taiyaki
    • Teppanyaki
    • Sushi
  • Awed over Tokyo Food Show
  • Bamboo forest in Kyoto
  • Strolled through the Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Wandered around Asakusa and Minato through more cherry blossoms
  • Made many new friends!

When I come home from Tokyo I always question my choices in life…one of the things I really love about Japan is how people seem to do things based upon community benefit, versus self-benefit… I can’t wait to visit again Japan!

But you know…hello Seattle…




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