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I’ve wanted to come to Westward for awhile, so I booked reservations using OpenTable (one of my favorite apps). And let me tell you…did not disappoint!

I love this sign…
Gorgeous view of South Lake Union
I love that the bar looks like a doll house
Awesome menu for brunch…the avocado toast looked amazing as well
This is a parasol: lillet blank, st. germain, honey, lemon, and sparkling wine. It was good, just a bit too tart for me.
Marinated olives in citrus, chili, and oil
Lamb shoulder hassh
Roasted mushroom and polenta

Note: I am not paid for my reviews. I eat at the restaurants I review and pay for it myself, no one asks me to come in and do so. This is true for all past reviews as well.

Vibe: Relaxed. Even the servers, there doesn’t seem to be a set dress code, but everyone is dressed casually.
Cleanliness: Yup, clean
Service: Was great! I ordered the parasol, found it too tart, so I gave it to my husband and asked for an orange juice mimosa (you have the option for grapefruit juice) instead and they asked if my drink was ok. I’m sure if I had said no, they would have not charged me.
Flavor: I ordered the mushroom polenta…and it was sooooo delicious. Though…it could use a pinch of salt and pepper (which I did ask for as it is not standard on the tables, which is a little weird). Husband got the lamb shoulder hash and that lamb was melt in your mouth tender and flavorful.
Is it worth it: Yes! I want to go again and try something different. They seem to be known for their oysters, I’m not an oyster fan, but my other half loves it.
Cost:  Look to spend about $15-30/person

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