Brussels – Day 1-3

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Well…I’m pretty far behind. I went to Belgium Dec 2-4. Since it’s December 12, I’m already in Japan. 🙂

Let me start off with my travel to Brussels in one quick summary. It was freaking cold, BUT it was lovely. Things that I would totally advise you do when you’re there:

  1. Get an all day pass for the subway, it’s very walkable, but sometimes you are tired of walking.
  2. Buy a hop-on-hop-off tour. I don’t normally like these things (I’m very anti-tour buses), but it’s a great thing to do on the first day and get a feel for what you might want to do for your time there (only if you travel like me with no plan in mind). This is also a great way to get to the outside of the main part of Brussels to see areas that you can’t reach so easily, like the Japan tower and palace.
  3. Definitely, eat at this place called “Living Room” the servers were awesome, you get free wi-fi and it’s a great place to decompress and have some wonderful food and coffee.

I imagine that Brussels in the fall would be amazing, they (as many European cities) have some gorgeous parks that I picture would be gorgeous either in bloom or foliage season.

The food items that I was told that I absolutely MUST have while I was there:

  1. French fries with Belgium mayo – The fries were lovely, the mayo…meh. I’m sure the mayo is different depending on where you get it, but I like to make my own mayo and prefer mine to be garlicky.
  2. Waffles – Umm yes…definitely get this…it’s amazing!

People also go on and on about the chocolate…personally…I still like the chocolate in Amsterdam best. All my photos can be found on Instagram (Yes I just posted them, because…well it’s 69 pictures).

Verdict: Would I go back?

Yes, I definitely would go back. Things that I would have loved to do that I once again missed out is going to some of the museums! The highlights of my trip are these random markets I landed in. I’m not sure if these markets are normal or if they only happen during December, but they were awesome. It gave me the opportunity to have street food and buy some presents. I also wish I had found more of the cartoon street art.

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