Japan Day 12, Finally Kyoto

Side note...I hate selfie sticks...I don't hate the people...I just think the sticks themselves make people look really douchey. So...the closer I get to day 16 the sadder I'm feeling. I don't want to leave. There's still so much more I'd like to do, to go, to experience...and I love that there are so many... Continue Reading →

Osaka Day 1, Kyoto Day 2

Sadly, it rained all day. For the first half of the day, it was like Seattle or London rain, no need for an umbrella (unless you aren't a local, or as I heard one Londoner say, "Carrying an umbrella makes you look like a twat."). The second half of the day, it was more like... Continue Reading →

Kyoto Day 1

Today was the first time I've ever taken a bullet train and it was AWESOME! I know...I'm so easily amused...but being able to travel has been so amazing for me...I wish this was my job. I arrived in Kyoto around 13:40 and getting to the hotel this time took much less time. I'm staying at... Continue Reading →

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