Finally, IVF ready

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been doing a lot of things:

  • Grad school
  • Working
  • Traveling in Europe for work (in November)
  • Went to San Francisco for work
  • Edited my first book
  • Started my second book
  • Acting classes

Anyway, it’s been crazy. Through all that, I’ve finally qualified for my IVF surgery. I started this journal to share my journey through life, which includes my travel, recipes that I make, you know…life stuff. Now, I’m happy to start a new journey of my life on being a parent.

So I’m trying to stay positive and am looking forward to everything that comes along with this journey. I am super excited to share my IVF journey with you.

Now that I am ready I was given a calendar to with detailed information on what to do. For now, my shots will be starting on the 23rd and my surgery will happen Dec 3-6. More information to come!

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