Goodbye, Amsterdam; Hallå, Göteborg!

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Sooooo I woke up a bit later than I had hoped so I had time to do ONE thing. I chose to get chocolate from Puccini’s. Let me tell you, totally worth it! The chocolate there is so delicious! According to the woman I met and chatted with last night, “Amsterdam’s chocolate is better than Belgium’s!” I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’ll be in Belgium on Friday so I’ll definitely have a comparison.

I have two places I love at the airport, the restaurant that’s in between customs and terminals B, C that is on the second floor and Café Chocolate which is on the way to terminals B, C. I grabbed my first actual meal of the day at the airport.

I got into Gothenburg around 16:40 and of course there was no sun as it sets around 15:30ish this time of the year. So my shots will most likely be night time shots.

Some things to know though about transportation in Gothenburg:

  1. Getting from the airport to downtown Gothenburg is super easy. Take the bus. It runs every 10-15 minutes depending on the time of the day. You can download the app (I know they have it for iPhone, I’m sure they have it for Android) and purchase your tickets ahead of time. I do that so I don’t have to wait in line or take up time buying it on the bus. You can purchase the round trip ticket which is 195kr (~$21) and good for three months after first use.                                                                   
  2. You can either get the ticket on your phone or get a card. When I bought the card two years ago I think it was 20kr, not sure how much it is now. Then you can just keep topping up the card with cash as you need to. The nice thing is that when you use the card, it is good for 90 minutes. 
  3. An app that is super helpful to have in your arsenal for getting around is the västtrafik app, because it will tell you how to get to where and the time that the tram will arrive. A huge useful thing, it will tell you which platform to be on! Unfortunately, Google Maps does not help you with that. 

I still think that Swedish is the prettiest language and I still prefer the Gothenburg accent over the Stockholm accent (sorry!). I feel horrible for not working on my Swedish before I came here, but I’ll work on it a bit while I’m here now!

I am staying at an Airbnb as I’ll be here for 11 days and it is really hard to eat out every day, 2-3 times a day for over a week. The location of this Airbnb is fantastic! I am really close to work and to grocery stores, tons of restaurants, etc. I will post pictures of the Airbnb tomorrow, it’s pretty late right now and I’m exhausted and need to get up early for work tomorrow. I did go grocery shopping tonight and my favorite grocery store is ICA Focus. It is right off the Korsvägen stop.

Goodbye, Amsterdam!

Hallå, Göteborg!


  1. Going through security at Schipol is an amazingly quick and easy process. The only gripe is they want you to take ALL electronics out of your bag, iPad and eReader as well as all electric cords. So, compared to American security lines it does add a bit of annoyance. Still, I got through the line 5 minutes.
  2. The time that there is sunlight in Gothenburg is only 7 hours/day right now.
  3. Things I want to do next time I go to Amsterdam
    1. Travel to other cities, such as Rotterdam and Gouda
    2. See an Opera
    3. Go to Van Gogh Museum
    4. See windmills

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