Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas - Day 1 Tips traveling to/in Cabo Flying into SJC you are provided an immigration for to fill out. If this is your first time, the fun surprise is you aren’t allowed to go downstairs to immigration until you’ve filled out ANOTHER form, which is a Visa form. Do yourself a favor... Continue Reading →

Lemon-garlic baked salmon

This recipe was a lot of eyeballing with guesses to measurements. Is that bad? I guess it could be, but I find cooking to be really forgiving, so do your thing, be creative, take or add what I wrote and if you find something awesome that I didn't do please let me know! NOTE: It... Continue Reading →

Snow days…

People have a misconception on the weather in Seattle. Seattle has a wonderful history of it always raining, let me share a secret, it doesn't. Seattle's weather is very mild and temperate all year long. The weather is generally 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit all year round with a few snaps of hot and cold in the... Continue Reading →

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