Anchorhead Coffee Co

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I said I’d be back for the pistachio matcha latte, and I am true to my word. I also decided to try their quaffle. So…what the hell is a quaffle? Yeah, that’s how I felt when I bit into it. It has a texture of a croissant because there are some distinct layers, but the layers are filled with cinnamon and sugar like a cinnamon bun…I’m sure quaffle is for four, but I don’t know the fourth. Croissant, cinnamon bun, and waffle… either way it was great!


Vibe: Large wrap around patio with plenty of tables if you are looking to sit outside. The vibe itself was very chill.
Cleanliness: Their station looked clean and the tables I saw were clean. They also wiped down after every drink.
Service: Service was wonderful. The gentleman who took my order was very friendly and brought my food to me, which was surprising as I have noticed that they normally call the order out. I will add, if you’re looking for that personal touch where they ask your name, this is not one of those places.
Flavor: The flavor of the pistachio is a bit stronger than the matcha flavor, but not to the point of tasting like matcha, the pistachio is just more noticeable.
Is it worth it: Pistachio matcha latte…most amazing matcha latte I’ve ever had.

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