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So…I’m all about traveling cheaply and one of the ways I save money is by finding package deals on Expedia. This has always worked well for me, well…I’m off to Oslo for this weekend and my total cost of flight and airfare was ~$350…which isn’t bad, but…I really value my time. I hate wasting it…

On the first half of my trip they had me flying from Gothenburg to Stockholm then Stockholm to Oslo…yes, I’m aware they are having me fly FARTHER away…but that’s the ticket for the cheap cost. WELL…I’ve flown to this airport in Stockholm a couple of times so I’m pretty familiar with it…and damn…it is MUCH bigger than I thought. My flight from Gothenburg landed at 6 and my connecting flight was taking off at 6:40 -_- Yeah…I wasn’t making this. I had to go from Terminal 4 (from the VERY end) to the VERY end of Terminal 5. On top of that I was welcomed with an amazingly long queue…so I did not get to my flight 😦

The part where it was a waste of the time I value so much? The next flight isn’t until 7:50, but it’s delayed until 8:40…so…yeah…instead of getting to Oslo at 8:20, I’ll be getting there at 10:30.

On the bright side, my flight back from Oslo is direct to Gothenburg.

What was the lesson? I should have taken a bus from Gothenburg to Oslo. 😛

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