Oslo Day 1.5

I mentioned this earlier, but I am suffering from a dreadful cold...it was so bad that when I flew in my ears refused to pop for hours until after I landed. This may not sound like a big deal, but I have noticed in the past 10 years when I fly my ears will naturally... Continue Reading →

Oslo Day 1…if you want to get on or off the ride, you gotta press the button 

It was an adventure getting to my hotel. I already mentioned that my flight was rebooked and delayed, and fun...I was rebooked again because there was something wrong with the plane I was originally rebooked to. So it wasn't just me, everyone was rebooked to another flight. We ended up taking off around 9:10...landed around... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned

So...I'm all about traveling cheaply and one of the ways I save money is by finding package deals on Expedia. This has always worked well for me, well...I'm off to Oslo for this weekend and my total cost of flight and airfare was ~$350...which isn't bad, but...I really value my time. I hate wasting it... On... Continue Reading →

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