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Look, I’m not an expert at traveling, I just do it a lot…so I want to share with you how, if I think of more things, I will add to…but this is how I prepare for travel (and I don’t plan much when I do travel, it’s a day-day discovery):


  • Check the weather of where you’re going so you can pack appropriately
  • I always pack extra socks and underwear


  • Make sure any gadgets you’re bringing along are fully charged
  • Check to see what kind of adapter is needed to recharge in the country you’re heading off to
    • This might sound weird, but I was on the train with people who had the wrong adapter -_-
  • Bring an extra battery pack, this is the one I have, it can do up to 4 full charges of any device that has a USB connector
  • Are there any apps that you can have on your phone that might be useful to have available, like a train schedule app


  • How accessible is your hotel to public transportation? Do you already know how you’re going to get there from the airport?

General country information

  • Do you tip?
  • What type of adapter should I take?
  • Are credit cards widely accepted or is it more cash heavy?
  • Does the country offer any kind of special deal for international travelers
    • For example, Japan offers the JR Pass, you can ONLY get this when you AREN’T in Japan, so you need to plan for something like this
  • How will I stay connected?
    • This might sound weird, but this is a very fair answer, I don’t carry a ton of paper with me so I need to know how I can stay online, is there a lot of free wifi within the city I’m staying? Or perhaps there is a SIM card I can purchase or a pocket wifi I can use
  • Is it cheaper to purchase tickets for public transportation everyday OR is it cheaper to have a transit card? If so, is an app for the transit card offered or will you have to get a physical one?


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